Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome Home Ivy!

                                           Welcome Home Ivy! 

As most of you may know by now - Ivy has been gone for the month of August at a summer camp (RL vacation!) and I had been one lonely Momma bear. You watched me clean my home, pay bills, and the random humdrum of a quiet home.

She came home shortly after my little friends left after our afternoon swimming. I had balloons set up out front and when she came across the front porch I released 100 pink balloons over her! I couldn't have been more excited to have my little girl back home and in my arms. I carried her with me all night long. I couldn't bare to have her away for so long again! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl, she makes me so proud.

In all of the excitement.. I forgot to save any photo's of her big welcome home.. but I suppose that means we were just having too much for a camera!

Happy and loved,

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