Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zombie Land!

Zombie Land!

If you don't know already ~ our little family *loves* zombies and anything related to them. We took a little trip to a local carnival. I brought Ivy on the carousel.. my favorite ride. Maybe because of it's the horses, it's a classic ride, always beautiful. I simply love them. We stopped for a quick picture just outside of the ticket booth.. and.. to our surprise..

Say Cheese!
 We were photo bombed.. but not by a human.. well perhaps an undead one. A ZOMBIE! We heard the groaning behind us. I flipped around as fast as I could .. we both let out a big scream and went running. I couldn't believe it. This carnival was littered with zombies!

Zombie Photo Bomb 
Even though there were zombies at the carnival.. we stayed. Called in my sister and tried to take care of them all. It was hard work.. but maybe playing those zombie video games could teach us a thing or two on how to REALLY do it...

Those are some aerial shots of the place.. now we get inside.

Can you spot the zombie?!

My sister, Kara. She's got her combat vest on! 

Ready to fight.. I think. Hey, at least I have a health pack! 

Med kit! 

I found a small jar of bile.. from a boomer. We ALL need boomer bile! It attracts the hoarde! 

Ready to fight! 

We spent a few hours here trying to rid the carnival of the infected.. let's pray we got them all.. if not..
 ... we are all doomed. They're coming....

Safe and not infected...
... I hope.
    ~ Meg

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