Monday, June 4, 2012

My surprise birthday party! June 1st, 2012

      Surprise! Happy Birthday Meg! 
(to me!, to me!)

This past Friday (June 1st) was my real life birthday. I had been out with my Husband fishing for the evening and next thing I knew.. I heard people yelling "surprise!" My Husband had planned a huge surprise birthday party for me. I will spare the details of it but, we were out for a few hours and came home fairly late in the evening. We got home and sat down on the couch and I hear my Husband say "Why don't you get on the computer for a little while?" I didn't think too much of it he's said it before but this time he was watching the laptop's screen intently. Which.. to me was odd. I just did as I normally do. I logged in and I got an IM from my little girl Ivy "Mommy!!" and an instant teleport. Everything is still normal so far. I TP'd in and then I saw local chat 'Happy Birthday!" and a ceiling full of balloons fell down upon me! They had a surprise party for me! I felt so incredibly amazing! As it turns out my Husband knew about it. Ivy, my little girl had contacted my Husband in real life  (he doesn't play SL) and let him know about it. They were both in on it! I couldn't believe this. I honestly have never felt more loved and appreciated. I am still in awe of the amount of love that was poured out to me on my birthday this year.  I'm not sure I will be able to express it in words how much I appreciate my little girl Ivy, my two nieces Giselle & Darla and, my sister Kara for this party so, I'll start with.. I love you. They planned me an 80's party for me (They know I *love* the 80's) they even hired a DJ for it! Here are some pictures for the 80's bash!

80's Roller Rink!

SURPRISE! I had just landed here!

I had just landed! Surprise!
They dropped a ton of balloons on me!

I had to get a big squeeze from my girl! I was so incredibly happy!

Ivy riding her my little pony!

Ivy and I both love zombies.. she brought the left for dead zombies to the party! They even dressed up! 

 After they showed me around and I had screamed enough times and generally regained some composure.. it was time to get on my 80's garb!
Perfect leotard!

Even Mrs. Rosalee Faith came! 

Group shot!

I wanted to see how many kids I could carry and skate with at the same time! 


 After we all spent some time skating, dancing and laughing Ivy told me it was time to put on shoes and go outside. I had no idea where we were going. I slipped on some bright turquoise flats.

Here we go!
 They made me a movie theatre! They were showing 13 going on 30! (One of my favorite movies!) We all crossed the street to the theatre - they even had a girl taking tickets for us!
We clicked the large ticket on the side of the window there and it gave us little mouthie tickets!

 We went indoors and they had some concessions, and a girl to wait on us! They even had hung up movie posters that I love! They didn't overlook any details! What great friends I have!

Movie Posters
Headed into the theatre with snacks!
                         We all sat down front with our snacks and ready to watch "13 going on 30!"
Birthday Snuggles!

Movie time! 
The thriller dance!
 After the movie was over we headed back across the street to skate some more and play in the photobooth!

Grazia and I showing off our moves! 

My sweet little niece Giselle in a cheeze-it outfit. 


Photobooth fun! 

  We had such a wonderful time! I am so thankful to all of you who came out to celebrate my birthday with me, and a huge thank you to my family for doing this for me!

  I'll leave you with a little song that I have overplayed for my family, that we laugh at/with/dance to.. and that was played just for me at my party! ..


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