Monday, August 20, 2012

While the cat is away..

While the cat is away.. 

      The mouse will play, right?

    In some cases, yes. In this Mommy's case ~ no. Some of you may know, some of you may not. My little girl Ivy went away to camp again for a few weeks this summer. (Also known as - RL vacation, ssh!) I thought perhaps that maybe I could get some much needed work done while she was away, lesson plans, store stuff, etc. It is a good time to do it - so I thought.

I started off my first day with some lounging. I thought  "Hmm.. this is nice. It's quiet, I think I will go lay by the pool and try to get some color." I took out a book, and some sunscreen and layed poolside. I could hear our whale breaching every now and then over the edge of the cliff. The birds were chirping, sun shining, a perfect afternoon, really. Well.. it didn't last too long. It was odd without my little girl with me. Too quiet.. so I got up and went back inside. I puttered around the house, did some dishes, read in my book. The house was silent.

The days seemed to go by so slow. I did various things trying to keep myself entertained and not dwelling on the absence of my little girl.

I, of course always had barn chores to do. Getting up around 5 am every morning and driving the old truck down to the barn. I picked up some fresh hay for the horses, mucked stalls, and found the pasture gate had been broken and a few of the cattle were in the roadway. Thankfully, we live far out in the country. The only other home that is within in a mile is just my sister. They were safe on the roads here. It was a task in it'self to try to get them all back into the pasture. After a few hours, I did get them all back in safely and managed to repair the broken fence. I headed back home for the afternoon. I made some fresh tea, and curled up with a book and read into the late evening and turned in early for sleep.

The days seemed to go by so slowly. One afternoon I sat at the kitchen table and paid some bills, there was a big storm brewing outdoors. The rain was really hitting the windows and the sky was getting rather dark. All I could think about was our hurricane, Ida. That storm was awful, and I prayed to God that Ivy was safe and out of the storm's way. After getting all of the bills paid, and a few more items ordered for the farm; I decided to read the paper and sip on some espresso. It was a good afternoon for it after all. I had, had some tentative plans to ride that afternoon.. but alas the rain came and the horses got a break from me.

I managed to keep fairly busy most of the time. However, there are a few time where I sat down and tried to use the laptop. Maybe I could get a little 'third life' in. I sat on the lounge in my room and just stared at the laptop screen. The log in screen stared at me.. but no drive to play. I should want to right? No kids at home calling to me "Mommy!, Mommy?!, MOMMMY!" no My Little Pony playing on the TV (which I miss) .. I sat and thought. I miss my little girl. This is hard on a Mom. You think it's going to be a big break.. well, it's not. I miss her. She's another part of me and to have her gone just doesn't feel right. I suppose you other Mum's out there understand this, yeah?

As the time passes I am sure I will find some things to do. Visit with my sister, I may take a few day trips.. until then, I pray your days are beautiful and your nights are serene.


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