Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Day 2012 ~ A Very Hadlee Christmas

                        Christmas Day 2012
  (I have attached this song that I used to dance with my RL Father to every Christmas morning. We would dance around the living room, jumping up and down and giggling. A very special song to me.. I hope you enjoy!)

"Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?! MOMMY! Mommy?" I heard her from the other room. I knew she was awake already. Opening my eyes slowly to look up and out the window above my head .. it was barely light out. Not sure how many hours of sleep I actually got.. for sure, not that many. I heard her tiny feet hit the floor and then stop.. I figured she must have gone back to bed. Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Until.. "Mommy, HE CAME! Sanna' came!" She came bursting into my room. "It's today! Christmas time! He lefted me a stocking anna' paper note." I smiled at her excitement .. nearly as excited as her.. my non-caffeinated self didn't show it well.. but I was!
Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012
I climbed out of bed and went into the hallway and low and behold.. there was a stocking filled to the brim and a little letter from Santa himself. We gathered both things up and went to sit in 'the big bed' and open her stocking and read the letter.

Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 She held out the letter to me and I read it to her. She was so happy to have her very own letter from Santa himself. He had told her she had been a very good girl that year and to keep up the good work! Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Next it was time to run downstairs and see the things that Santa had left her. First.. I told her to wait at the top of the stairs so I could go down and plug in the tree lights and take a picture before we got to opening anything. She could hardly wait. Standing up there at the top of the stairs giggling. I gave a yell "Okay, ready!" and I heard her feet fly down over the stairs. Christmas 2012 She was ecstatic! Santa had brought her a new kitchen set and a new bike! We got to opening presents right away.. I think we were unwrapping for hours. Tossing bows and paper all over the living room. Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 As we got to the bottom of the pile of gifts.. she opened a framed piece of art. It said "Paris is always a good idea" She always had told me she wanted to go and see "The Ivytower" since I read her the book Madeline last winter. She's loved it. She loved her print.. but there was one more gift. I passed her a box from the back of tree and she opened it carefully and pulled out a piece of paper. "What's this say Mommy?" Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 "It's a boarding pass, honey. We're going on a vacation.. we are going to Paris! We're going to see your tower!" I am not sure there are even words to explain what happened when she figured out what she had received was a ticket. She stood up screaming and jumping up and down. Her giggles and excitement startled the dogs(We got another one for Christmas! a pug, named Buddy!) and the cats all looked up and saw her. I managed to -thankfully- capture her in mid jump on camera. She was so happy. Christmas 2012 I am not sure that I will ever be able to get over her reaction. It was more than I ever imagined.. priceless. It makes my heart so incredibly happy even to this day. We finished up our presents and headed to have some cinnamon rolls. The new puppy Buddy was in tow and begging at Ivy's chair for a scrap or two. We called Giselle, Darla, Maelie and Mema had them over to open her gifts next. Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2012 We had an incredibly beautiful and blessed day. I am very lucky to have the family I do in SL and that they extend into my real life.. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season. It's always a bit hard to say goodbye to the season. May you all have a blessed year! From our family to yours, Hadlee Christmas Card 2012

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